Monday, July 27, 2015

New Series - #Struggles

As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together? Someone always has the best job, cutest kid, or happiest relationship. We're pressured to measure up to other people's social media status updates and left with more #struggles. This new series will look at what it's like to live a Christ-focused life in a selfie-centered world. Topics will include finding contentment, relationships, authenticity, and rest among all the pressures and distractions of life and social media. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Climb Day

Sunday, August 2nd kids at The Exchange are "climbing" up! As a new school year begins, The Exchange kids are making a transition too. Children who are beginning 1st grade will move from LittleLIFE into our KidLIFE ministry for 1st-5th graders, and kids who are beginning 6th grade will move from KidLIFE to our StudentLIFE ministry on Wednesday nights for junior high and high school students. There will also be some exciting changes for our LittleLIFE ministry as a whole new experience launches for kids birth through kidergarten. Join us for an exciting new season beginning August 2nd!

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Series

The word and idea of "church" is interpreted in many different ways. For some people church is a place they go on the weekends. For other people church is a place they never want to go because of a bad experience. For others church is a people they just can't seem to fit it with. But what really is the church and what is it all about? In this series, we will define what makes the church the church and what was the original but yet still relevant mission of the church that affects every one of us. Join us for the Gathering Sundays at 10:30am at The Exchange building located at 417 N. Bierdeman Road behind Trustmark Bank in Pearl.