Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VBS - Agency D3

June 1-6 The Exchange is partnering with Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl to host Agency D3. This will be a week filled with fun for all kids age 4 - 5th grade. Activities will include exciting music, kid-friendly snacks, group games, and interactive learning. Pearson Baptist Church is located at 151 S. Pearson Road in Pearl next to Sonic. If your child is interested in being a part of this exciting week, you can preregister them online. If you are a student or adult interested in helping serve during this week, please sign up online so we can get you more information.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Money Talks

In our world today money speaks loudly. It screams Get more! Save more! & You never have enough! Money not only speaks loudly in our culture, but it also speaks loudly about our lives. It tells where we find our fulfillment, how we see our role on earth, and what our view is about God. In this three-part series we are going to listen to what God's Word says about money and how when we live under God's design for money, our money isn't a burden in our lives but it's actually a way to brag on the richness of God.